Eating Out on Paleo

It’s hard, but not impossible to eat paleo when you’re at a restaurant. We were in Domburg, Holland, for the day and I still managed to get some highly nutritious, healthy foods. Firstly for lunch, some fish with some veggies. This also came with fries and some kind of sauce. Normally these sauces are made with flour, so I asked them to provide it separately and I requested that the fries were replaced with an extra serving of vegetables. I’m not convinced they did give the extra veggies, but it was sufficient as it was and kept me going until dinner.

Then for dinner we ate at our favourite restaurant in the town: De Bommelje, good food, very friendly staff and all organic too! And they do bring extra vegetables too when requested as well as some very good olive oil to drench over the veggies.

I pigged-out with a started of smoked salmon with mango & salad, a main of lamb with rosemary and two extra vegetable portions and two bowls of fruit for dessert. A lot of food I guess, but it had been a very active day with the kids, so I was pretty hungry.

Apparently it’s: gemarineerd in Zeeuws gerookte thee, gerookt zeezout, mango met rode pepers en krokante peterseliewortel

And the main: Proeverijtje van lam met geroosterde zoete aardappel, groene groenten en rozemarijnjus

So it is possible to eat well while you’re out and about:

  • Keep it simple: steak; fish, veggies, salad
  • Avoid overly prepared dishes as they can hide all sorts of ingredients
  • Ask for sauces to be given separately and salads to be undressed
  • Request extra veggies or salad

and despite this huge feast I found myself 87.9 kgs this morning :)

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