Lunchtime at the Office

OK, we laugh and joke here about the poor quality of the food at the European Commission employee restaurants, but to be honest we are far luckier than many office workers who’s only choice in their bought lunch is the filling of the sandwich. So whereas most of the meals offered here are not really suitable – potatoes, rice, breadcrumb coatings, sauces made with wheat etc. it is possible to construct something that fits both a low-carb and paleo diet.

More often than not I tend to head to the grill where they have steaks, chicken and fish, if it’s doesn’t look too toxic then I go for the fish every time. OK, I have to admit that two years ago I had incredibly bad food poisoning from EC restaurant fish, I was bed/toilet-ridden for two days and couldn’t keep food in my system properly for nearly two months, but on the positive side I did lose 6 kgs :-)

Here’s today’s “best effort” – even with a bit of photo enhancement it still looks rather unappealing:

So that side-plate is roasted aubergines, mushrooms and courgettes with olive oil and balsamic. In fact I had to leave the courgettes as they were coated with some kind of slime that I couldn’t identify a) I think it was sugar and wheat based, b) it was totally disgusting!

The main dish is colin fish – also amusingly called “pollock” in the UK. It’s high in vitamin B12 & selenium as well as providing all essential amino acids and a decent amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. The rest was haricot beans, mixed veg and mixed salad.

Not the highest quality food by a long way, but way better than the average get to eat, so I’m pretty satisfied with that.

What does always make me laugh though, every day, is the look on the face of the restaurant staff when I don’t have any rice, potatoes or fries with it. They clearly think I’m insane, mind you, who’s to say they’re wrong?

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