Dinner Time

A lot of my friends and my dear wife often say “If you can’t eat bread, pasta, oats, sugar, potatoes and dairy, what’s left?” (well they don’t say that, but you catch the drift…); plenty actually. Sure there’s a lot of fish and meat, veggies and salads, nuts and seeds, berries and fruits, but really the choice amongst all these and the many ways they can be combined and prepared make for really delicious eating.

So in order to perhaps provide a modicum of inspiration, I’ll post pretty much everything I eat – not that I’m a paleo guru or gourmet cook of course, just to show that an average person with a busy life can make choices and live with it quite comfortably.

As I had a late breakfast today I skipped lunch and had a late afternoon snack with the remainder of the morning’s smoothie along with a handful of almond and pistachio nuts.

And here’s today’s dinner:

What have we got here then?

  • Steak: this is a “Pelé Royale”, which after looking at a picture of beef cuts appears to be the hamstring from the rear leg of the animal. It’s a pretty tender and fat-free cut. I brush with olive oil and fry on a high heat for about 5 minutes each side so it’s still rare in the middle
  • Not seen in this photo as I added it afterwards was a dollop of coarse-grain mustard
  • Then there’s some sautéed brown mushrooms with onions, garlic, olive oil and Kikkomans soy sauce
  • A large piece of cauliflower which I drenched with more olive oil (I like olive oil) and a bit of salt – when eaten like this, the much maligned vegetable tasted really great
  • The salad is half young leaves and roquette, soy bean srpouts, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, green olives, beetroot and feta. Then at the table I’ve added (guess what) olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper

This was not so time-consuming to prepare and in parallel I cooked the kids some sausages and made them vegetables & potatoes (that’s where I stole the cauliflower from). I’m not great cook and yet this was damn tasty and very healthy food without a grain on sight.

And the benefit of this – I eat until I’m full, sometimes stuffed, but I lose weight at the same time and I won’t feel hungry for a long time afterwards. I’m pretty sure my main health indicators are good too – I will get them checked soon and will post a comparison with how they were before I started all this.

You may notice that I eat (drink?) a lot of olive oil. In fact I have it with every meal: I put it in my breakfast smoothie, pout it over salads and vegetables, fry with it, grill and bake. Even in the office restaurants they have bottles of the stuff and I use it there too on the meals I buy. I reckon I have about 75ml per day, which equates to 675 calories, in principle around 25% of my calorific intake. More on that another day…


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