Intermittent Fasting – Part 3: The Morning After

So after two days of fasting, well except breakfast, I was back to normal eating habits this morning. Strangely enough I wasn’t really feeling so hungry and had to force it a bit, and then I found I couldn’t eat that much, probably I even over-did it as I felt a bit sick. Here’s what I munched this morning (well half of the smoothie was left-over for lunch):

  • Fresh blueberry & strawberry smoothie: 75g blueberries, 60g strawberries, 200ml sugar-free soy milk*, 200g sugar-free full fat natural yoghurt*, 30g whey isolate protein powder & 30ml olive oil
  • 4 scrambled eggs, 2 slices ham, a load of grated Emmental cheese (didn’t measure this), generous amount of olive oil (of course!) and a handful of arugula (rocket/roquette) which I have to admit had seen better times & was yellowing…
  • The ubiquitous 30g overnight water-soaked linseeds with a dash of lime juice
  • Loads of water
  • Six espresso’s, yes six, I know, maybe that’s what made me feel a bit queer!

The eBook is The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. I’m halfway through this excellent book and it’s proving to be both an informative and entertaining read. Robb covers quite a few topics in depth that have been glossed-over in other books I’ve read and he writes with a good dose of humour – albeit in a overtly American manner. Anyway, highly recommended.

So how did the fasting go? Well I must admit that yesterday especially I wasn’t particularly hungry, but I was feeling tired and lethargic especially in the evening. As I said yesterday, this could have been due to insufficient sleep as well; will have to compare with future attempts when I actually get my ass into bed at a decent time!

As regards weight, well of course I’m going to lose weight after two days of hardly any food, if for no other reason than the stomach and intestines being relatively empty. That being said, my regular personal waste-disposal mechanism was totally out-of-order yesterday, so could have been better. Here’s the chart, 1.5 kgs down for the two days:

If you’re interested in intermittent fasting then Precision Nutrition’s website provides an excellent primer and free eBook, written (and personally tested) by Dr. John M. Berardi.

* Yeah, I know, soy milk is definitely not Paleo and according to what I’ve read is really quite bad for you, I’m working on eliminating it from my diet. Yoghurt is slightly more of a grey-zone – milk is a no-no, cheese is considered OK, yoghurt falls in the middle. Not sure yet on that one…


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