Intermittent Fasting – Part 2

So, here we are on day two of my inaugural fasting. I slept OK although I have to admit that I was thinking about food and my empty stomach in the minutes before sleep… This morning I made myself a nutritious breakfast: smoked salmon, avocado, gouda cheese, salad, arugula, tomatoes, green olives, cucumber and olive oil. Along with my daily linseed dose it was all adding up to about 750 calories, too much!

Fortunately I didn’t eat it all (honest), I was full, or as they say “sated”.

My weight in the morning was about 1 kilo down -of course that’s mostly food bulk missing from the system, so no surprises there – only time will tell for the rest. I was a little tired this morning, although I suspect the late bedtime, past 1am has a lot to do with that.

Now it’s lunchtime again and well it’s easier than yesterday, my stomach isn’t rumbling…

So why do it?

Obviously weight-loss will result, hopefully fat-loss, but that’s not the main driver. According to the proponents of intermittent fasting it puts the body into a different mode from a normal feeding day whereby your IGF-1, Insulin and blood sugars decrease. The body changes from normal growing to a repair/maintenance state – something that we well-fed Westerners rarely experience. This has the upshot that you will begin to retard the ageing process and perhaps reverse it. Side affect are a decrease in the LDL (bad) and increase in the HDL (good) cholesterol levels.

As well as slowing the ageing process, allegedly this significantly decreases the risks of cardio vascular disease, cancer, alzheimer’s and all manner of other ailments. The idea isn’t to try and live for ever, but to improve one’s health while one is alive.

Will it? No idea, but can’t be hard to try. I’m planning to get a blood-test once my doctor’s back from vacation – that will give a nice comparison with the one I had last year before Atkins and will see if this fasting brings further benefits.

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