Right, where was I?

Apologies for never finishing the last post – life, well mostly work, poked it’s ugly nose in the way. I’ll be posting a lot of new food photos anyway, so no stress.

First of all, here’s how I’m looking:

Dave Progress

And here’s the weight:

Dave's-Weight-20130531As you see, I had a big blip at Christmas, which I recovered to hit my lowest recorded weight of 76.9kgs and then again at Easter – from the latter I haven’t yet recovered, but I appear to have things under control again.

What caused this? Simple, booze, too much booze, mostly beer, which I love. So the new rule is that I stop drinking at home and allow myself whatever I want if I go out. Given that I only go out once or twice a month it should make quite a difference (plus wifey will be happy). Still a few bottles in the house to, uhm, dispose of, but I’ve promised her (and myself!!) not to buy any more.

Regardless of this, I’m not looking too bad right now, but still feel I need to lose about 5kgs – this is mostly a little bit of a belly and some fat around the upper torso. Goal for this year is to expose my abs, the famous six-pack. Not sure if that’s feasible, but I’l going to try for it.

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