If you don’t eat bread and pasta, what do you eat?

I’ve lost count of the people that have asked my how I lost so much weight, in fact it got so much that t I made a standard email that I send out to people with the general guidelines and pointers to further reading. Like most Paleo folks the strongest reaction I get is when you tell people that you don’t eat bread or, even worse than that, no grains at all; people just can’t get their heads around that at all and really do ask “What do you eat then?”.

In an attempt to answer that question I will post a week of everything I scoff. This will be a long post as I’ll put photos of as much as I can…

Sunday 20th January

9:30 four espresso’s – that’s Delhaize Columbian Fairtrade beans – less than half the price of Illy and tasting almost as good 4500iu Vitamin D


11:30 Bacon & Eggs with some HP Sauce (yes I know this really isn’t Paleo, but it’s a tiny amount I eat once per week) Vitamins (krill oil, iodine, copper, vitamin c, vitamin B complex, vitamin K2)



12:00 – 14:45 Three more espresso’s – now I do the weekly cook-up…

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