Interesting Weight Gain (and Loss)

While not exactly horrified I was somewhat disappointed that I put on 2 – 3 kgs over the holiday period:

Daves Weight20012013

Zooming in on the details for the last month:

Daves Weight20012013Zoom

What caused this? Good question, but as you can see the trend was already positive again and then the last day has seen a dramatic drop of 1.5 kgs, well that’s because I had flu (or something else with very similar symptoms), so I expect to regain at least a kilo over the next couple of days. Nevertheless I had stymied the gain and started to lose again, how?

First of all I had been drinking a lot of booze over the Christmas period, I think every day since mid December until the end of the first week of January I was drinking every day and on many occasions to excess. Mostly beer, but also wine and then in some cases whisky. In fact I got to the point where I questioned whether I was an alcoholic or not and took the decision to just stop alcohol altogether. Never say never of course, but a sustained period without booze will do me no harm at all and I have a colleague at work who’s doing the same, so we can motivate each other a bit. Two weeks and counting now and despite craving a beer on many occasions I’m holding out!

I also suspect that I just ate way too much – several family lunches and a dinner party with friends. Too many roast potatoes. On top of that Charlotte’s been making some gluten free bread and I had been scoffing way too much of that too. Finally of course, being home meant a lot less daily walking, so this no doubt factored into the equation.

The good news is that I knew it was transitory. By going back to basics and I was sure I could reverse the situation and, sure enough, that is exactly what has happened – the bout of flu only accelerated it dramatically in the last day…

Charlotte’s been Paleo now for six months or so and in many ways her transformation has been more dramatic given a) that she was already quite skinny and b) she doesn’t do any conscious exercise at all, just walking the dogs twice per day. This is all a consequence of stopping the grains and sugar, but interesting to see that she also had a little plateau over Christmas:

CharlottesWeight20012013Coming next: “If you don’t eat bread and pasta, what do you eat?”


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