Bloody Marvellous – Blood Test Results Come In…

A week back I got my blood taken for analysis and I got the results on Monday. I wanted a baseline to work from and by good chance I also had a test back in January after having been a few months (sporadically) on Atkins. On top of that I’ve had quite a few over the years here in Belgium – seems to be the first thing doctors do when you go to them here – but most of them weren’t for lipids. A few were though so I’ve been able to generate a bit of history:

What’s interesting here is that in 2006 the doctor told me my cholesterols were way too high: total cholesterol 255, triglycerides 303, LDL 147 and HDL 47. She told me that if I kept like that then I would have a 50% risk of a heart attack at the age of 65 and that I needed to reduce them somehow or take drugs (statins I guess). Of course I didn’t want any drugs and at that time I was quiet overweight at 94 kgs on the old scales (which translates into around 98 kgs on the current ones). I chose to try the natural route and lose some weight at the same time. This was when I followed Chris Aceto’s super book Everything You Need To Know About Fat Loss… - while being quite badly written, lacking references and touting a few odd viewpoints, this book was my first introduction to the idea that carbs were bad for you. I followed Chris’ guidance exactly and dropped off 10 kgs in just under three months.

I thought I’d had a test not long after that, but couldn’t find anything, so perhaps it was a year later, but what you can see there is already a dramatic improvement of my total cholesterol to 203 and LDL to 99 – triglycerides still above 300 though. Then the test in 2008 shows a gradual degradation once again as I reverted to old eating habits (bread and beer being my worst enemies).

January this year, after some Atkins, show some improvement with the triglycerides down to 161 and the total cholesterol at 233. HDL tends to stay fairly stable around the 50 mark, but LDL too high at 141. Cut to the present, so we’re talking four months of quite strict Atkins from January to May, a lapse in June & July, then started Paelo at the beginning of August: total cholesterol 185, triglycerides 92 and LDL 118 – very positive changes!!

But not yet good enough. Robb Wolf states that Palaeolithic man had the following, and this is my target: total cholesterol 130, triglycerides 80, HDL 50, LDL 80 – I’m not far off in some of the measures, I’ll get another test done in 3 months, see how it has changed.

Fasting blood sugar level has been below 100 pretty consistently.

One thing that always seems to be high for me is uric acid levels. They’ve always been around 7.5, but in the recent test they were even higher. This could be because I was still drinking quite a lot of booze until recently, or I’ve also been reading that ingesting high levels of purine from red meat can cause it to increase, but also to decrease – work that one out. High uric acid can lead to gout, which nobody wants, so I’ll keep my eye on it and do the research in the meantime.

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