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For breakfast I tried something a little different with my smoothie as I’ve been wanting to get myself off soy milk for some time now. Despite having grown to like it very much  it’s stuffed full of lectins which is quite toxic to humans and also contains quite high levels of oestrogen, despite what the soy producers would like to you believe… (just Google and you’ll find a wealth of info, here’s one link in case you’re too lazy to do that) Now I think my man-boobs are quite big enough, thank you very much, so time for change. I had tried some various alternatives in coconut and almond milk, both pre-packaged like the soy, pasteurised and unfortunately with added sugar; regardless of that the taste of both made me want to vomit. My friend and work colleague, Ramona, has recently bought a Vitamix blender and she made her own almond mil, so I though I’d try too.

I soaked 50g of almonds overnight in 300ml of water, then threw this in the blender this morning with a handful of frozen forest fruits, handful of fresh blueberries, 35g of pure whey protein, 10g each of olive, avocado and linseed oil. Pulsed for 30 seconds, then on full blend for about 2 minutes. Now my blender isn’t as good as a Vitamix and it’s not a crappy one neither, but the whole thing was still a bit gritty with nit bit. Regardless of that it was way better than using the bought stuff with an overriding sensation like marzipan – if anything a little too strong, perhaps 30g of almonds would be enough in future.

Sorry to say that I didn’t take a photo, will make the same tomorrow and take a picture.

For lunch I cobbled together the left-overs from some nice steak I had for dinner yesterday: fired up some onions in olive oil, added some chopped mushrooms, once cooked added the steak diced, stir for a few minutes, added three teaspoons of tomato puree concentrate and some dried basil.

Vegetables are even easier: half a leek, half a courgette, handful of cauliflower. I boil/steam the cauliflower and leek first, then add the courgette after about 4 minutes just for two minutes more, that was the courgette doesn’t disintegrate into poo-slime. Drain the water into a glass to drink later add some good oils and a pinch of salt & pepper (normally I’d use a bit of soy sauce, but I noticed all my soy sauces have flour in then, so they’re going in the bin and I need to get some more. Note that soy sauce doesn’t have the same lectin issue as soy milk as it’s fermented and the fermenting process removes most of the lectins). Smash the veggies with a potato masher.

I put the rocquette on top as an afterthought so that anyone seeing it would think I was a chef, or posh…

For dessert it’s a couple of organic plums and an organic nectarine, which are in season right now. Note that most of the food I buy is organic. I know there’s a raging debate about whether it’s really that much better in nutrients or not. Personally I prefer to err on the side of caution, but it goes deeper than that. Organically farmed food is kinder for the environment and more importantly for me the standards of animal husbandry are much higher. So regardless of the debate I’ll keep buying it. It’s not even that much more expensive, I buy all our meat for instance from a small organic, Marché Vert, shop here in Uccle and it’s cheaper than the meat in the Delhaize supermarket next door (and far, far superior). Their bio (as organic is called in French) cucumbers are less than half the price of the ones in the supermarket too. It pays to shop around a little.

Now this isn’t organic, but it is fresh – a trio of lettuces sold live with roots and soil, 59 cents  twice the quantity of pre-packaged, a quarter of the price and fresher. Bargain!!

And yes, it’s all paleo (more on that soon)

Update 29th August: here’s a photo of that smoothie I promised

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